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EAT YOUR VEGGIES by Sophia Roe x Josiah Citrin

I had the golden opportunity to have brunch curated by Sophia Roe and Michelin Star Chef Josiah Citrin. The event was held at the Line Hotel and was a collaboration with Imperfect Produce.

The purpose of this brunch: demonstrate that good food doesn't have to be good-looking. We tend to stay away from odd-shaped, flawed, or uncommon shape veggies or fruit when doing our groceries - but that doesn't make them less nutritious and tasty!

Josiah greeted us and explained how important it is to reduce food waste and how it can have a great impact on the environment.

According to Imperfect food: "

Each year, an estimated 40% of the food supply goes to waste in the US; that's over 136 billion pounds, worth approximately $218 billion. That works out at 417.8lb of wasted food, worth $666, for every American each year. The average household (2.63 people) produces food waste to the value of $1,752."

Did you know that Intermarché, France's largest grocery chain, launched the idea of selling unconventional fruits and vegetables for much less in 2014? I think the idea is brilliant and should be adopted everywhere in the US and Canada! For now, you can order a basket from Imperfect Foods.

The entire menu that the chef created that day was top-notch and entirely made with excess or ugly produce:

LEFT: Chilled Prawns, Mango, Ginger, Chili RIGHT: Snap Peas, Grilled Asparagus, Cucumber Salad, Nasturtium Vinaigrette.

Fried Wild Rice Slow-Roasted Vegetables, Sesame

Black Cod, Spring Garden Vegetables, Koji

LEFT: Yukon Gold Potato Salad RIGHT: Sliced Beefsteak Tomatoes, Sherry Vinegar, Herbs

Coconut Panna Cotta, Blood Orange

At the end of the event, Imperfect Foods gave us a basket filled with vegetables and fruits to experiment and cook at home. The event inspired me to cook more with what is in season and become more creative with what I have left in my fridge.

The best part of all this: I made two good friends who also have a love for food!

Thank you to the whole team and especially Sophia Roe for hosting this eye-opener brunch.


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