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I visited the Louis Vuitton pop-up store so that you don't have to wait outside.

To celebrate the new spring-summer 2021, Rodeo Drive has been taken over by the colorful characters created by Louis Vuitton Art Director, Virgil Abloh.

The pop-up takes place inside those massive flashy red containers - They do not take any reservations at this time I believe but they welcome walk-ins.

Necessary outfit of the day pictures, because..if we didn't: were we really there?

It would not be a Spring and Summer collection without a touch of neon colors.

Zoooom and his friends, the fun and colorful characters created by Virgil Abloh, appear throughout the collection, giving a nice modern touch to the classic monograms.

I love the use of different materials, such as hologram and vinyl. I remember seeing beauty mogul Jeffree Star wearing the monogram inflatable blouson in one of his videos. It was interesting to see and feel it in person... Sadly it is out of stock online.

I was hoping to experience more interactivity (the millennial in me wants the fun photo booths or some AR that makes Zoooom magically appear behind you) but I am guessing that with covid, things are a bit more restricted. I remember seeing some pictures and videos from the world tour in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Miami being a bit bigger.

BUT, did I have a good time visiting the collection and having the whole space to myself? Yes. Definitely worth the wait. All the installations, artwork, and collection pieces were eye candy and inspiring for my creative brain! I would definitely try to go see it before it continues its tour!

BEVERLY HILLS Open from February 6th to 28th, 2021 468 North Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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